Welcome to Our Church's Growth Plan!

At The Church at the Beach, we believe that true spiritual growth begins with a vital step: accepting Christ into our lives. This pivotal moment sets the foundation for an incredible journey of faith and transformation.
Once you’ve made the decision to follow Christ, we invite you to take the next step on this exciting path – by getting in the boat! Our “Get in the Boat” course is specifically designed to help our members not only learn more about our church but also uncover their unique gifts and talents. Through this course, you’ll discover how you can actively serve and contribute to our church community.
But the journey doesn’t stop there. We are committed to seeing our members become mature disciples of Christ through our transformative program called “The Journey.” This series of courses has been thoughtfully developed to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and guidance needed to grow in your faith, deepen your understanding of Scripture, and live out the teachings of Jesus Christ in your everyday life.
As you engage in “The Journey,” you will discover practical applications of biblical principles, explore relevant topics, and receive personal support from experienced mentors and fellow believers. Our aim is to help you develop a strong spiritual foundation, cultivate a vibrant relationship with God, and become a confident ambassador of Christ’s love within our community and beyond.
Join us on this incredible journey of growth and discovery as we strive together to become mature disciples of Christ. We invite you to explore our website and discover the various components of our church’s growth plan. Together, let’s embrace the fullness of God’s purpose for our lives.
Are you ready to embark on your path toward becoming a mature disciple of Christ? Let’s take these transformative steps together!

Service Times

Early Service:
Sunday 8:30 AM
Late Service:
Sunday 10:00 AM
Wednesday 6:00 PM


10620 Hutchison Blvd
Panama City Beach,
FL 32407

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