Ramp Up the Enthusiasm:
I want to focus and improve the music ministry’s energy and excitement as a whole in worship. We all battle lethargy and complacency after a while in ministry. It’s natural. So, I want to lead by example with an increased hunger for improvement in my personal relationship with God and the job He assigned me and all in the music ministry to accomplish for the church. We need to stay passionate about how we approach our task. Rehearse with greater enthusiasm. Keep reaching for higher standards.
Continue to Engage the Church:
As has been our new, more focused approach… I would like to see us continue to engage the entire church into worship as a whole. This means seeking out and executing songs of worship that implore congregational participation. This is not to say that any given song should not have a lead vocalist or someone who begins. But more and more we should continue to aim for churchwide worship as one a unified voice to God.
Revisit a Previous Idea:
Last year I had an itching to return to recording and video production. I still have that hope and dream. I recall that the original idea was to convert Wednesday into “Creative Wednesday”. The idea based around writing, recording and video production of quality worship material. To be clear… my heart was fully intended in the right direction. However, what I did not know (moving into 2023) was the impact that moving the musical rehearsal to Wednesday would have. There simply was not time to prepare, arrange music, practice, rehearse and attend a D-Group while simultaneously taking the day to pursue lofty creative endeavors.
So, I believe if I adjust my personal scheduling and place that idea on a different day then it can be achieved. I want to use all the gifts and tools that God has given me with a passion. In 2024 I want to reset this goal and get this established once and for all.
Be Unafraid of Change and Experimentation:
This is not about expansion. This is about utilizing the talent God has sent us in new ways. I love Team 1, just as I love Team 2 … And, the last 4 months have shown me that different combinations can create healthy new dynamics in worship. I want to further explore this with a fresh spirit of optimism, unimpeded by anyone’s personal agenda. I believe The Spirit is saying “Do not be afraid” … and, “Grow in worship”.
Minister in more depth with Worship Team Members:
I am asking God to show me how to be a greater influence in the lives of our worship team members. I want to be a more powerful source of inspiration and encouragement in their personal lives; not just the music.

Music Ministry

The music ministry is a vibrant and passionate component of worship at TCATB.
Under the direction of worship leader Barry Fish for the past 10 years; the purpose has remained the same… bring glory and honor to God while engaging the congregation in lively musical worship. The music is a balanced blend of songs that range from classic Christian standards to the most popular contemporary Christian music today, always delivered in a refreshing style.
The music ministry works diligently to bring excellence in worship to the church while continuing to grow and glorify the Lord. There are two teams that rotate on Sunday mornings. And, on the first Wednesday of every month the music ministry presents an hour long worship concert at 6:00 pm, appropriately named 1st Wednesday Worship. In 2 years it has become a staple at TCATB.


We pray a lot. No matter what your circumstances are, you’re welcome to join us in prayer at any time.


We have bibles available for free in English, Spanish, and Ukranian.

Service Times

Early Service:
Sunday 8:30 AM
Late Service:
Sunday 10:00 AM
Wednesday 6:00 PM

10620 Hutchison Blvd
Panama City Beach,
FL 32407

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